Mechanical Supervisor (B4T) in T2 Depth

Posting Date: 12 October 2017

Location: Holyhead, Anglesey, GB, LL65 3NY

Company: Babcock

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General Description of Job


To assist in the production of Hawk aircraft to meet the daily flying task. Employees may be asked to work over-time to ensure there are sufficient aircraft to meet the task. The Hawk contract requires employees to support planned detachments and down-bird recovery activities as and when requested.

To carry out as directed trade tasks pertinent with the maintenance, rectification and preparation of Aircraft to meet the allocated daily task. Tasks are to be supervised and carried out in a safe and efficient manner to ensure task progression meets the allocated flying programme without compromising flight safety or the airworthiness of the aircraft. Any problems or foreseen delays are to be passed directly to trade supervisor.


Main Tasks


Leading Fitters will oversee all authorised tasks providing oversight and assurance of the quality of the service, and foster being Babcock culture/total safety.  They will be technically trained in one of the 3 trades and, will be able to support the rectification task during light flying periods and assist aircrew with crew-in snags. The actions and decisions taken shall be limited to those actions authorised as governed by trade, experience and competence.       


The main tasks could include but not limited to:


  • Carry out first signature responsibilities                        
  • Sign 1st signature for tasked work within trade boundary                         
  • Sign 2nd signature for supervision of work within trade boundary, regardless of 1st signatory's rank
  • Carry out all authority level D special F tasks that do not require additional authorization criteria - subject to any limitations imposed by the authorizing authority
  • Ensure that the work areas are kept clean and FOD free.
  • Maintaining a PEVL to establish continuity of experience.
  • Maintain Environmental, Quality, Security and Health & Safety standards as defined by Babcock Policy
  • Behave in line with the Being Babcock set of principles.
  • Ensure Company health, safety and environmental procedures are implemented and complied with at all times.
  • Maintaining an effective changeover by debriefs or written log to provide a smooth transition and continuation of trade tasks between each shift where and when applicable
  • Champion a culture of Near Miss and Error Reporting and take the lead for subsequent investigations
  • All staff are to ensure that they maintain the standard of security policies and procedures as stipulated within Station and Hawk Security Standing Orders.
  • All staff are responsible for ensuring that all Information Technology and Information Management processes, policies, procedures and controls are adhered to for all IT systems within their use.
  • Staff may be required to carry out additional tasks as directed
  • Operate Overhead gantries
  • Undertake independent inspections in source trade (736 requirement)


Technical Experience and Qualifications




  • 3 years industry experience
  • Mechanical Systems Type course
  • Internal candidates should be a minimum Grade of B3T within the Company or  received 6 years type experience at B2T and above
  • Computer literate




  • Supervisors in Aviation training
  • Training in an Aircraft related discipline to City & Guilds 2675 Level 3 or equivalent
  • Military aircraft technical training in an aircraft systems discipline
  • Quality, (QMS) and Air Safety Management Systems, (SMS) Training


Generic Skills



Use engineering knowledge and understanding to apply technical practical skills

  • Contribute to the design, development, manufacture, construction, commissioning operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes, systems or services
  • Accept and exercise personal responsibility
  • Use effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Make a personal commitment to an appropriate code of professional conduct, recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment Positive attitude
  • Enter cockpit of Hawk aircraft having shown by examination that he/she can recognise the approved position of AAES safety devices
  • Composite Flight Servicing if authorised
  • Work with Overhead Gantries ( after required training)
  • Charge gas systems




  • Use Remote Viewing Iplex Equipment & RVA





Manual Handling

  • Fire Training
  • Human Factors / Continuation Training.
  • Sign 2nd Sig Within Trade Boundary
  • Sign 1st Signature within Trade Boundary.
  • Condition Equipment Serviceable & U/S in Trade  
  • Wiring Husbandry
  • Apply / Remove Aircraft Electrical Power.
  • Supervise Ground Handling
  • Indie Inspections in source Trade (736 requirement only)
  • Aircraft   Brakeman.
  • Fuelling   Aircraft on Ground.
  • Enter Cockpit
  • Basic Principles
  • Charging of gas systems
  • Use Remote Viewing Iplex Equipment & RVA




  • DII
  • Co-ordinate Maintenance Tasks not MWOs


Skills Profile


  • Knowledge of applicable legislation and Standards
  • Knowledge of Quality (QMS), Safety (SMS) and Environmental Management Systems
  • Knowledge of RAF Engineering policy documentation and organisation
  • Knowledge of human factors, human performance and limitations
  • Knowledge of logistics processes
  • Knowledge of organisation capabilities, privileges and limitations
  • Knowledge of Part-M, Part-145 and any other relevant regulations
  • Knowledge of relevant parts of the maintenance organisation exposition and procedures
  • Knowledge of occurrence reporting system and understanding of the importance of reporting occurrences, incorrect maintenance data and existing or potential defects
  • Knowledge of safety risks linked to the working environment
  • Knowledge on wiring and husbandry when relevant
  • Understanding of professional integrity, behaviour and attitude towards safety
  • Understanding of conditions for ensuring continuing airworthiness of aircraft and components
  • Understanding of his/her own human performance and limitations
  • Understanding of personnel authorisations and limitations
  • Understanding critical task
  • Ability to compile and control completed work cards
  • Ability to consider human performance and limitations
  • Ability to determine required qualifications for task performance
  • Ability to identify and rectify existing and potential unsafe conditions
  • Ability to manage third parties involved in maintenance activity
  • Ability to confirm proper accomplishment of maintenance tasks
  • Ability to identify and properly plan performance of critical task
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and report discrepancies
  • Ability to process the work requested by the operator
  • Ability to promote the safety and quality policy
  • Ability to properly process removed, uninstalled and rejected parts
  • Ability to properly records and sign for work accomplished
  • Ability to understand work orders, work cards and refer to and use applicable maintenance data
  • Ability to use information systems
  • Ability to use, control and be familiar with required tooling and/or equipment
  • Adequate communication and literacy skills
  • Resources management and production planning skills
  • Teamwork, decision-making and leadership skills


Behavioural and Leadership Competency Profile


Leading Performance


  • Strives for excellence in all actions
  • Focuses on the delivery of results
  • Manages time effectively
  • Accepts responsibility for personal actions, behaviours and choices


Leading Innovation and Change


  • Demonstrates a willingness to adjust ideas or perceptions based on changing demands and conditions 
  • Accepts the need for flexibility
  • Is open-minded in trying new ideas 
  • Listens to other people’s points of view
  • Reviews current working practices to improve quality and efficiency


Leading People and Teams


  • Willingly cooperates and puts in extra effort when needed to help others
  • Seeks input from others when making decisions 
  • Behaves professionally and consistently towards all team members, regardless of sex, race, gender or age.
  • Seeks feedback on own performance, taking action where necessary 
  • Communicates in a clear and consistent manner


Leading Customer Focus


  • Recognises the importance of the customer to the business 
  • Provides prompt, efficient and personal assistance in meeting customer requirements
  • Treats all customers with respect and responds to them in a pleasant and friendly way.
  • Maintains personal composure when faced with difficult behaviour


Leading Culture


  • Actively contributes to ensuring a workplace free of discrimination and fair to everyone 
  • Seeks to understand other’s viewpoints 
  • Sets a positive example of behaviour to others
  • Ensures that 100% of own behaviour is safe.  Takes action to ensure the safety of others



Candidates must be able to obtain security clearance



Holyhead, Anglesey


Closing Date





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