Cavendish Nuclear Instrument Mechanic Apprentice - Cumbria

Posting Date: 29 November 2019

Location: Sellafield, Cumbria, GB, CA20 1PG

Company: Cavendish-Nuclear

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The Instrument Mechanic is responsible for the first & second line maintenance of our onsite radiological protection instruments equipment. This involves us having two different teams within our department, a monitor round team & a workshop based team. These two separate teams work under one hierarchy with the same common goal in mind.


The Monitor Round team are a set of Instrument Mechanics that go around the Berkeley site maintaining the instruments in the changing rooms or on plant. Their role is to make sure all of the instrument remain operational if not, they can carry out a first line repair but if that doesn’t solve the fault the equipment will get removed from the area it’s in and sent up to the workshop team.


The Workshop team are a set of Instrument Mechanics, they carry out second line maintenance & repairs on the equipment that’s been removed from plant by the monitor round team along with brand new instrumentation that hasn’t been commissioned yet.

As an instrument mechanic apprentice you will assist both of these teams whilst gaining as much knowledge as you can from them in order to develop yourself from a year 1 apprentice onto a fully qualified instrument mechanic by the end of year 4.


Core Knowledge:


An Instrument Mechanic apprentice should have the following knowledge base:


• The fundamental electronics principles

• The fundamental principles and implications of the nuclear industry

• The fundamental radiological principles

• All aspects of safety (nuclear, radiological, conventional and environmental)

• A high standard of security and behavioural expectations of those working on nuclear sites.

• The fundamental principles and implications of radiation hazards.

• The fundamental knowledge of Cavendish Nuclear’s policies

• How Human Performance and Human Factors affect nuclear safety


Core Skills:

An Instrument Mechanic apprentice will be able to:

• Assist the qualified instrument mechanic in primary & secondary maintenance around the Berkeley site

• Carry out primary repairs under the guidance of a qualified instrument mechanic

• Carry out maintenance under the guidance of a qualified instrument mechanic

• Work safely in a nuclear environment under a Safe System of Work (SSOW)

• Work safely in a nuclear environment whilst abiding to the Cavendish Nuclear & Site Risk Assessments

• Repair & test IPM detectors whilst in the workshop

• Repair & test MHV & PET leads whilst in the workshop


An Instrument Mechanic apprentice will be able to demonstrate the following behaviours:


Safety: Safety is the number one priorities within our company. The apprentice should always demonstrate a strong commitment to personal safety as this in a key factor within our company and in the nuclear industry. They should actively challenge unsafe practices through their work place.

Integrity: Integrity is key to any successful company and we pride our department on this behaviour. The apprentice should ensure they are open and honest with their colleagues in the working environment as well as promoting the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics and integrity

Quality: They should follow rules, procedures and principles to ensure work completed is fit for purpose and they should pay attention to detail as well as carrying out an appropriate risk assessment and error checks throughout work activities

Responsibility: They should take responsibility for completing tasks and procedures, correctly and safely in our workplace.

Team Working: They should work safely and effectively with their colleague within the department in order to make a great working environment

Communication: They should always demonstrate effective and appropriate communication, using oral, written and electronic methods; working effectively with others.


Qualifications required:
Five GCSE’s (or equivalent) at grade C (9-5) or above, which must include Maths, English and a Science subject, together with a real interest in technical matters.

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