Welding Technician Apprentice - Cavendish Nuclear

Posting Date: 19 February 2019

Location: Hinkley, Somerset, GB, TA5 1UD

Company: Cavendish-Nuclear

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The role will require the candidate to work in the field of welding operations, which is the joining together of metal components and assemblies using extreme heat generated by electric or gas welding equipment to melt the metal. Welders are required to read and interpret welding specifications, establish the correct process to be used, select the correct material and welding equipment, prepare the material for welding and skillfully weld together the components in accordance with strict tolerances and quality standards. These activities will be supporting operations within the nuclear industry.


As part of a 4 year structured apprenticeship programme, during your 1st year, you will be trained in all aspects of the discipline such as health and safety, statutory requirements, minimising risks on site, permits-to-work, accident and first aid, and manual handling techniques – skill specific training. You’ll also undergo training in relation to working in potentially hazardous environments.


During the 2nd, 3rd and final year of your apprenticeship, you’ll gain further experience in the processes and techniques, although this time it will be in the setting of an engineering construction site.


In your role as an Apprentice Welding Technician, you will:

  • Report to the Supervisors and Engineers, and support the Welding Technician
  • Take reasonable care of the Health and Safety of themselves and those around them
  • Comply with the requirements of the Management Arrangements
  • Comply with any other applicable management/safety/technical arrangements as identified by supervising staff or Site Manager
  • Not interfere with anything provided in the interests of Health and Safety (PPE, fire extinguishers etc)
  • Use plant and equipment correctly, in accordance with training and instruction as provided
  • Assist the Welding Technician where technically competent to do so
  • Report to supervising staff any shortcomings in protection arrangements for Health and Safety, or any situations considered to represent imminent danger
  • Report all anomalies, safety hazards, equipment damage and other problems to the Management, Engineering or Supervision staff


  • An appreciation of general engineering, however no expert knowledge is required
  • A general understanding of what work as a Welding Technician involves
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for developing a career in hands-on engineering
  • Demonstrate the qualities of a team player


  • Minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C or above, including English, a Science subject, and Maths at Grade B or above



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