Wayleave Warden, Lancashire, FTC - 6 Months.

Posting Date: 13 March 2018

Location: Preston, Lancashire, GB, PR3

Company: Babcock

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  • Liaise with the Client’s Land & Development Officer and Grantors to determine the formal access routes and what issues there are in using them.
  • Take instruction from the Site Engineering Staff regarding the capability and timing of access requirements.
  • Maintain good relations with the Client, Grantors and Third Parties informing them of any changes to programme that will affect them and responding to any queries they may have.
  • Produce drawings that detail scope of accommodation works, land ownership boundaries, access routes, utilities, environmental and other permissions that are required to facilitate the works.
  • Work closely with the Construction team ensuring issues are resolved and the programme is not delayed.


  1. Produce drawings that detail scope of accommodation works, land ownership boundaries, access routes, utilities, environmental and other permissions that are required to facilitate the works.
  1. Maintain a working relationship with the Client’s Land & Development Officer, Grantors and Third Parties.
  2. Knowledge of farming practices and land management issues would be an advantage.
  1. Fielding and log day to day queries, referring to the Client’s L&D Officer as required, from Grantors and other Authorities.
  1. Accompany Client’s L&D Officer to meetings as required.
  1. Ensure that the Client’s L&D Officer is updated on the progress and programme of works to ensure that all operations are carried out without interruptions.
  2. Review documentation with the Client’s L&D Officer and sign off on notifications and hold points.
  1. Liaise with the Client’s L&D Officer, visiting every site, accompanied on occasion by other members of the site team, to confirm land take areas, access to work positions and towers and produce an Access Development schedule.
  1. Working with the Client’s L&D Officer, arrange and obtain any necessary access agreements with Authorities for Highways, Railways, Waterways and the like.
  2. Assist in obtaining any Planning Permissions for new accesses to Public Highways and any widening of existing gateways.
  1. Update drawings and records on receipt of agreed changes from Client’s L&D Officer
  1. Challenge any unsafe behaviour and ensure that accidents, incidents and near misses are promptly reported to the Site Manager, Client and SHEQS department.
  1. Ensure the Access & Accommodation Works Schedules include the full scope of works as a record for Babcock, the Client, Grantor or Third Party.
  2. If the scope of work is changed by anyone including the Client or Third Party, this request should be raised through the site Project Manager to ensure Babcock can recover the time and cost impact from the Client.
  1. Support other members of the site team with the identification of any services taking information from drawings, markers, third party information.
  1. Assist with the production of Risk Assessments for access routes and working areas.
  1. Inspect the accesses ensuring that they are clearly marked and on the route agreed with the Grantor(s).
  1. Undertake inspections to determine whether the agreed hazard mitigation measures are in place (e.g. screens, GS 6 barriers and underground crossing protection measures).
  1. Liaise with the Environmental Advisors to review and capture mitigation on drawings for SSSI, flora and fauna, archaeological impacts etc.
  1. Receive, review, issue and continually control project drawings associated with Wayleave / Easement process
  1. Liaise with other members of the site team to confirm the programme and amend the Wayleave schedule as required.
  1. Ensure accesses are handed back promptly when no longer required ensuring the accesses and sites are cleared of all plant, debris and material and obtain a site clearance form from the Client’s Wayleave Officer.
  1. Identify, and coordinate with Grantors, minor repairs to hedges, fences, gates etc. to maintain security of access
  1. Support inspections by Environmental Advisors so that they can ensure all biological precautions stipulated in the access requirements are in place and functioning and that operations adhere to best practice.
  1. Support reviews of Method Statements and Risk Assessments that are specific to Access activities.
  1. Support inductions by providing information associated with Grantors.
  1. Attend the safety and progress meetings as required to report progress; advise where problems are likely to be encountered and suggest mitigation actions
  1. In accordance with our certification to the standards OHSAS 18001, ISO9001 and ISO 14001 each employee will comply with and contribute to the effective implementation of the current Babcock International Group:
  2. Health and Safety policy
  3. Quality Policy
  4. Environmental Policy
  1. To work within established Company policies and procedures.
  1. Promote company values and standards and exhibit appropriate behaviour in accordance with Company ethos.
  1. Use talent and ability to encourage achievement and continuous improvement.
  1. To demonstrate safety, integrity & commitment at all times.
  1. Maintain excellent levels of communication throughout the team and the wider business.
  1. To carry out any other duties as and when necessary to meet the varying demands of the business and satisfy customer needs.
  1. Working on site will require the Wayleave Warden to undergo basic safety and engineering familiarisation training which will be provided by Babcock.


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